Yami Gautam in Hot Lingerie & Beachwear Fashion show

Marks & Spencer showcases its lingerie and beach cum resort wear collections on Indian and international models as Yami Gautam stops the show.


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  1. Wow to Yeh sabut hein… Tu ek Aurath hein Teri breasts hein BuM hein puddi hein… Wah wah wah.. Aur kuch dikhana BAKI hein… Q K tere paas koi quality nahi na.. Sali dou tooukki ki bazari RANDI

  2. Ladies always allowed not allowed but forced to wear skintight exposing outfits. Whereas boys are fully covered.. ladies have more private areas than boys.. then why is that ladies are forced to wear like this.. bloody hell idiotic show and their hosts.

  3. we are praising something very basic yet seem to very beautiful…the best creation of God..humans ….but wait, we r not best bcos of our body but the mind…so , why so much fuss about human body


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