People Get $20 To Make Funny Memes In 24 Hrs

In this episode we look at People Get $20 To Make Funny Memes In 24 Hrs. Never one to pass up on a good bargain, Ranker recently enlisted the services of a woman who offered to make 200 memes in 24 hours for $20 dollars. Despite the 24-hour turnaround, she managed to produce enough funny memes to last a meme-Instagram account for a full year, the best of which have shared here. Memes, which remain about one VR development away from becoming the next cryptocurrency, are always in high demand among you. Featuring beers, Batman, and Obama memes, this random woman’s memes touch upon all the pop culture references you want to see. For less than the cost of dinner and a movie, you and your date can pay this woman $20 to make you 200 memes in 24 hours, meaning you’ll never have to leave the comfort of your couch. Plus, your Twitter and Instagram will never be short of content.


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  2. Can I get that $20? Here's a meme I made…
    Girl- Andrew can you help me with something?
    Andrew- chomp lemme finish my apple. ( it's suppose to sound like he doenst care what she want him to do)

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