Top 10 Richest Models Of 2018 That Are Too Hot To Handle

Top 10 Richest Models Of 2018 That Are Too Hot To Handle


Hello beautiful people! The glamorous life of models doesn’t come easy and takes a lot of effort from all aspects! The effort of perfect hair, makeup, outfits and other things that are all backstage is not known to you but you gotta know that it’s a pretty tough job! Tougher than your job in a cubicle! All these efforts are also well paid and models are making fortunes out of their curves! The Riches of models are not really something we could calculate as it includes some unaccountable benefits as well! No pun intended! However, this list includes the models who get paid the most throughout the year! So, let’s move ahead and go through the list of gorgeous models with the most dollars!

Number 10. Ashley Graham
Number 9. Bella Hadid
Number 8. Liu Wen
Number 7. Karlie Kloss
Number 6. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Number 5. Gigi Hadid
Number 4. Adriana Lima
Number 3. Chrissy Teigen
Number 2. Gisele Bündchen
Number 1. Kendall Jenner

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