Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Actresses Gone Nude for Scenes

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Being a part in a Hollywood movie is a dream for many actress. And to snatch the chance of getting a role, many had gone way too far for that. Apart from the story of the movie, the nude scenes are equally appreciated by the viewers all over the world. And to gain popularity in a least time period, the only option is to be in a nude role.

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10. Angelina Jolie.
Movie: Cyborg 2, Gia, Original Sin, etc.

After all these years, Angelina Jolie is probably still the world’s No.1 sex symbol. She’s also a perfect example of an actress who can go nude (many times) and still have a very respectable acting career. She had nakedly appeared in lots of movides Like Cyborg 2, Hackers, Foxfire, Mojave Moon, Hell’s Kitchen, Gia, Pushing Tin, Original Sin, Beyond Borders, Taking Lives, Wanted, Changeling, etc.

9. Katherine Waterston.
Movie: Inherent Vice.

In the movie, she had to seduce her co-star which she did with full nudity. She was awarded three times as the best supporting actress and places herself in the list of one of the bold Hollywood actress.

8. Charisma Carpenter.
Movie: Bound.

She had ranked 31 in the top 99 most adorable women for the year of 2002. Apart from the views of the people, she never thought herself as a sex symbol. But, you will definitely go crazy after watching her in the movie “Bound”, where she had gone way too far to show off her skin.

7. Alicia Vikander.
Movie: Ex Machina.

Gradually, she became the role model for many. And yet, she never stops to amaze her audience even by exposing her body. In the movie Ex Machina, she was found fully nude. The science fiction movie with bold scenes were enough to be garnered with fame by her viewers.

6. Reese Witherspoon.
Movie: Wild.

She is quite popular as an actress. Even though she is more popular for her bold scenes in some of her movies. The spotlight falls more in her movie named “Wild”. Her acting and the show of skin were both fantasized by many. It also got some critical reviews which earned her the second Academy Award.

5. Jennifer Connelly.
Movie: Shelter.

Appearing in magazines, televisions and newspaper, the star has made her first film “Once Upon a time in America”, which is a crime based movie. She always wanted to give something extra for her audiences. This is why it led her acting in a movie Shelter, where she was found in full nude. Directed by her husband, she played a role of a Nigerian girl who came for shelter in New York City.

4. Cameron Diaz.
Movie: Sex Tape.

Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on 30th August 1972. She is a former model and later went as an actress and a producer. Some of her quite known movies are Charlie’s Angels, Knight and Day, The Holiday and What to expect when you’re expecting.

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